Streptocarpus Dimetris

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Author:  Francheska [ Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Introduction

Introduction for a new Dimetris Streptocarpus line - DSe

As you know, we are constantly working on creating new Streptocarpus hybrids. As you may also know, to make a new hybrid takes a lot of time - going through generations of plants to validate and test the new hybrid. This process typically takes several years - it could be a year, or two, or three...

Some of you were asking us about our new hybrids, those that are currently "in the works". Indeed, we have many that we are testing, and that we are getting ready for for the market. There are very many parameters that we track, but as we've said it takes a very long time.

We very much want to bring the hybrids to the market sooner, and we thought that there is no reason why, while testing continues, that our customers cannot enjoy the newest hybrids. So we created a new forum especially for these amazing, new hybrid seedlings. They may not yet be as well described as the regular DS hybrids, but that is not a reason for you not to enjoy them! You will have a chance to purchase hybrids that nobody has seen before! We would create a page for each such hybrid and we would appreciate your comments and pictures.

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