Streptocarpus Dimetris

DS-Amur, DS-1428, DS-Амур
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Author:  Francheska [ Sat May 14, 2016 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  DS-Amur, DS-1428, DS-Амур

DS-Amur, DS-1428, DS-Амур


This is a short translation from the original Russian-speaking Dimetris' forum:

Dimetris' founder and forum administrator - Pavel Enikeev (Alchemist in Russian forum) , Ukraine.


Feb, 2015 new seedling just has openned


and three weeks later



Diameter is about 8 cm

Pavel: "This seedling represent a new generation of Streptocarpus flowers forms. It is asymmetrical silivan with four stamen (usually two) It has an additional petal. Rosette is very compact. Peduncles are thick and strong Flowers stay for a very long time"

on video:


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