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DS-Little Man, DS-2004
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Author:  Francheska [ Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  DS-Little Man, DS-2004

DS-Little Man, DS-2004

This is a translation from the original Dimetris Russian language forum. Dimetris' founders and forum administrators - Pavel and Elen Enikeev, Ukraine.

NOTE: These entries are in chronological order beginning with the original seedling description.

Elen: "We are working on the feature of different color gradients. There was a gradual transition from the snow white center to a violet edging. Adding to the beauty of the bloom is what looks like serration but is actually not. Little blooms (2" - 2-1/2") are long-standing because of the double-ness genes. Peduncles are strong, rosette is good."


Pregnant streps :shock:


Somehow this hybrid reminds us of this song:


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