Streptocarpus Dimetris

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Author:  administrator [ Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  Introduction

This is translation from the original Dimetris' Russian-speaking forum.

Pavel Enikeev is Dimetris' founder and forum's administrator. His Russian-speaking forum's name is Alchemist ("Алхимик"

in Russian).

Majority of the best Dimetris' hybrids are in the CATALOG/TABLE here:


All hybrids that are in the CATALOG/TABLE have post under the "Dimetris Streptocarpus Hybrids"

The opposite is not always true. Some named hybrids that are in "Dimetris Streptocarpus Hybrids" may not in the CATALOG/TABLE. It does not mean that we don't have it.

Some hybrids has only number so far

Each topic is about one hybrid.

Title is the name of the hybrid. The first name is in English. The second one is a unique number which was assigned to each hybrid and the third one is the Russian name of the hybrid.

English name is not a transliteration. We try to find the English name which represent the original meaning of the Russian name as closely as possible.

We will post photos of different stages of development of the plant.

We will try to describe all unique characteristic of the hybrid.

Streptocarpus species are not created equal, so neither are the hybrids which bear their genes. Therefore, we will also share all we know about specific cultivation preferences for the plant. We encourage everybody who has that hybrid to share your experience growing that cultivar.

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