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DS-Circle Skirt, DS-363, DS-Солнце-Клеш
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Author:  Francheska [ Sat May 18, 2013 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  DS-Circle Skirt, DS-363, DS-Солнце-Клеш

This seedling attracted attention with large blue blossoms with very wavy edges.

next photo with similar hybrid Justa (Pyotr Kleszczynski)

DS-363 is silivan (Silvia Descendant) Silivan is any hybrid which has Silivia as an ancestor. They do not have pistils, has characteristic color patters. Upper two petals have one color/color pattern and lower petals have another color/color pattern. Many beautiful hybrids are silivans. For example Streptocarpus Wow and many other Pyotr Kleszczynski hybids are silivans. Another future of silivan is that their blossoms are very easy fall of.
For some reason silivan DS-363 does not fall easy from peduncles.

Seedling is growing

First photos from forum ... sc&start=0 This blossom are very young and will grow and their edges will be more wavy.
Intersting photos of half-opened buds. They tend to have green edge.
Now they oppened

With time some growers noticed that this hybrid has couple of strange features.
First of all in some case the leaves curve under and somehow lift itself out of the pot. So the growers have to cut the end of the leaves and stick rosette back to the ground. In spite of the small leaves the plant has enough stamina to keep flowering. But that was not all. Some people notice that they plant grow trunk s parallels to the peduncles. Like little palm tree. At the top of the little trunk there are blossoms too.
Pavel confirms that there is the problem with rosette forming in this variety. Another problem that this hybrid is quite suicidal – once it starts flowering it stops growing leaves. Pavel could not find the way to interrupt this process. Dimetris has a few hybrids like that; DS-Man’s Logic is one of them.
Pavels suggests to grow young plant for few month with 11hours of light, let it grow as many leaves as possible, transplant it and them allow it to flower for few month till the end. So it is impossible to grow show plant from this hybrid. However, for a few months you have beautiful very compact streps constantly flowering.
Pavel:” I have seedlings which are opposite. They start flowering very early, give a few flowers and then stop flowering and start grow leave mass. I tried to force them to flower again but so far unsuccessfully.
However, I did not try to shorten the light hours. There are streps species which flower in winter. If anybody wants to try to experiment with them I will send it to you. Since we already have these species in our hybridization , it is possible that some of their genes are activated in some hybrids.”
One of the growers tried to shorten the day hours and remove all buds and BINGO the stubborn hybrid start growing leaves.

Author:  Strepcrazy [ Sat May 17, 2014 8:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DS-Circle Skirt, DS-363, DS-Солнце-Клеш

This one was sent to me to use on my website as DS-Flared Bell (P. Enikeev, 2011)
A novelty of flower type: an edging length is 2-3 times more than an overall fllower circumference, that gives flowers a super-wavy appearance. Big in size (7-8 cm), thick in texture, long-lived flowers.

It came from a "Natasha" that represented Dimetris in May 2011.

I'm pretty sure it is one and the same plant. Should I change it's name on my website to DS-Circle Skirt? Is this just a difference in translation or did the name change?

Thank you!

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