Streptocarpus Dimetris

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2014 5:39 pm 

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Myself here in the US and Dimetris in the Ukraine are puzzled. We think that Streptocarpus is a very hardy indoor plant.

It can stay completely dry for a few days and then recover. It can stay in a plastic bag for a month waiting while you are on vacation. It can tolerate a wide range of humidity starting from a very low 10% to 100%. It can live without re-potting for a year. It can survive without roots and even grow them again if you put it under the dome. You can cut the plant into many pieces and it will survive and thrive again.
Streptocarpus can grow under different light conditions, both natural and artificial. It will not die from cold as low as 35 F. It would not even mind a cold draft.

What is going on? Why are so many people around the globe complaining that their plants are not doing well or dying. .

We decided to make a questionnaire that will help people identify the problems.

Since there are many ways to grow Streptocarpus, it is important to know exactly what condition you grow your plants in.

So, if you have any problems with your plants we might ask some of these questions. This background information will help us identify and solve your plants problems:

1. What kind of growth media do you use?
Please identify proportions of your components.

2. What kind of light do you have?
If natural light, what kind of window do you have (North, South.)
If light is artificial, what kind and how many hours per day.

3. What fertilizer do you use, how often and in what concentration?
Please look at ingredients on fertilizer container and list them here.
4. What kind of water do you use?
Tap water, Reverse Osmosis, Distilled etc.

5. How do you water your plants?
Standard = from top
Watering from bottom
Wick watering
Mat watering
Watering using Oyama or Oyama-type pot

6. How often do you water and what criteria do you use when you water your plants?
Water when leaves start to droop.
Water every day.
Water when soil feels dry on surface.
Water when pot becomes really light but leaves are not drooping yet.

7. When did you last re-pot your plant?

8. What size pot did you use before and after re-potting?

9. What is the name of your hybrid

10. Please post photo of your plants

11. Remove plant from the pot and photograph the root system.


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